Various Fluff Pages

Arranged roughly in order of them actually happening.

Abstracts Revealed
  • The story of the Abstracts, as far as the party knows.
The Riders
  • A list and brief description of some of the Abstracts who took the greatest part in the conflict between their kind, mortalkind and the gods.
The Eternals
  • Those noble (and terrible) mortal souls who stood alongside the gods against the Riders, and refused to accept Death, even in defeat, live on through interaction with mortalkind.
At the End of Time
  • A list of legends about what might happen at The End of Time.
Council Chatter
Council of Kingdoms Transcript
  • What happened when the Council reconvened following the events above. (Also see Luvanar’s Plea )
The Feystone
  • Eilonwy’s Riddle.
Hieroneous’ Decree
  • Manriki’s Riddle.
The Mists Revealed
  • Various Fluff Pages

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