The Mists Revealed

The Mists are not the children’s stories that your companions believe them to be. They are sentient, malevolent, and unimaginably powerful forces of entropy.

Their power rivals that of gods in many respects, although they distinctly lack the ability to create. Their exact origin is unknown. They have perhaps existed all throughout the life of the known multiverse.

Wherever the Mists are found, the taint of Evil- the actual palpable corruption of life can be found. Measures can be taken to counteract it, but it is difficult at times to fight a prolonged battle against their ancient evil.

The Mists seek out individuals of strong moral character with the intention of corrupting (or simply destroying) them. They also seek individuals of great wickedness, with the intention of raising them up as foils for the eventual grinding down of the former. Not only do they seek them out, they have been known to steal them away from the worlds that they normally inhabit.
As a collective being of corruption and evil, The Mists also feed on the destruction of rational minds- of any shade, even the minds of the undead. They and their minions are known for eroding the sanity of those who oppose them.

One of the most recently anointed chosen of the Mists is a man known only as the Silent Scholar. Others before him have included Trevor Ironhand of Farillideth. It is said, very softly when said at all, that the Silent one also hails from there, and was chosen around the same time as Ironhand. Furthermore, it is said that the Silent One was duped into accepting this “honor.”
Carrying unpolluted tokens such as fine silk or pure jade can help fortify those who would attempt to stand against the Mists although one should not rely overmuch on such things. Restorative magics are also helpful, but only if applied quickly, and outside of the Mists’ reach.

However, since the Mists are largely prevented from entering the normal space of the multiverse, they must act via agents and go-betweens. Some of these are willing, others are tricked, and others still are forced or simply unaware of the “trades” that they are facilitating, much less with whom (or what) they are dealing with.

Whether a residual effect of prolonged exposure to such troubling energy, nonevil creatures are often twisted when they attempt to leave the Dread Realm. Creatures that accept or embrace the darkling nature of the Mists are often less dramatically affected by their corruption. Within the boundaries of the Realm of Dread, however, the differences are almost negligible- creatures of good heart or evil intent cannot be discerned save by their deeds.

The Mists’ thefts do not simply end with heroes and villains, however. They have been rumored to steal away landmasses, waterways, even mineral wealth from worlds that are already in jeopardy, pushing them further, if not completely over the brink of destruction.

The multiverse itself rebels against the influence of the Mists, and has long since denied them. This, combined with their entropic nature has forced them to take fresh air and even sunlight from unsuspecting worlds, leaving foulness and gloom in their wake, for few of the mortals they delight in grinding down cannot exist without such amenities. Furthermore, to continue their wretched existence, they must live on literally borrowed time.

Once the corruption of the Mists’ malevolence has taken root in a mortal, it can be removed, but it is difficult, requiring powerful divine magic or even the aid of a genie or similarly magical creature. There are also sacred places in many worlds where an afflicted mind or twisted body can find healing, but it is a slow process, requiring days or even weeks, depending on the severity of the affliction. Allowing the contamination to continue unchecked risks death or permanent madness, however, so the time can be worth it if sufficiently powerful magic is not available.

The Mists Revealed