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From the Ashes.

A world rediscovers magic.

As some of you might have figured out, this game is a continuation of sorts of a previous game that I ran. That last game was an Epic-Level game, where this one is struggling to get past 3 Hit Dice and the PCs have as yet to gain levels in what the players consider character classes. For simplicity’s sake, I am using the old wiki and adding the current world information alongside the old, for those of you interested in any lore that had accumulated in that prior game, or looking for plot/character hooks to build around.

Previously (roughly 500 years ago):


With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

This is not a simple game of ’let’s go to Baron von LevelFifty’s house and punch him in the face until he gives up.’ There are epic-level problems in the world, and the players will have the power to solve many, perhaps even all of them, if they so choose.

I will do my best to give the PCs plenty of opportunities to be as Epic and Awesome as their characters can be; that’s the whole reason for this campaign in the first place, but, there will be suffering. There may even be despair. People, many people will be hurt and even killed. Some of them will even be people that the PCs value. I will not do this lightly, but it is something that can and almost assuredly will happen. But in the midst of it all, there will be hope.

And that is what the PCs are supposed to bring to this campaign world; a chance, however slim or outrageous, that things will be Right and Normal and Safe again.

Because that is what heroes are for.

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