Epic Spells

Temporal Exodus

Conjuration [Teleportaion]

Spellcraft DC: 61
Components: V, S, AP, Ritual
Casting Time: 12 days
Range: 300 ft.
Targets: Caster, 1 vehicle of any size, and any number of additional willing creatures onboard said vehicle at the spell’s conclusion
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None, see text
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 594,000gp, 11 days. Seeds: Transport (DC 27) Factors: Change Temporal duration to instantaneous (Ad hoc x2 DC), non-astral travel (+2), moving fully out of the timestream, (ad hoc +15), change from touch and weight limit of 1,000 lbs of additional creatures/objects to target vehicle of any weight, caster, and additional creatures/objects as desired (ad hoc +50)

Mitigating factors: Increase casting time to 12 days: -42, burn 5,000 XP (2 Action Points) -50. 2 additional casters each contributing 8th-level spells (-30)

The caster transports himself, a chosen vehicle (if desired) and any number of additional creatures completely outside of time, to the edge of the timestream of the world that all the creatures are currently on. Unwilling creatures that are not specifically targeted by/included in the spell that are present on the vehicle find themselves suiddenly without the vehicle they were on board, and have to deal with the laws of physics on their own.

Note that this spell is one-way only, and only takes things out of time; it cannot return them to any particular point in time nor space. Creatures wishing to return to their or any other world or time must travel back along the timestream via more “conventional” means. Non-flying vehicles do not fall in the timestream, but require some sort of propulsion, magical or otherwise in order to move through it.

Epic Spells