Exposition Expedition

None of us are wizards.

After puzzling about the strange tracks (which turned out to belong to a halfling, a heavy human, and an elf) and casting discern location on the yarn (which revealed the yarn’s owner to be in a smallish community on a world primarily populated by elves) and realizing that the tracks had residual evil on them, the party decided to follow the tracks back. It was difficult at first, because the tracks didn’t always touch the ground- they skipped places here and there for long stretches. But the evil led Manriki in a more or less straight line, which the group followed.

The party tried to travel as fast as they could, but Eilonwy was having difficulties with her new childlike state; it made it hard for her to think as an adult. Manriki tried to request a miracle, but his call went unheeded. Halfway throguh the first rest period, Eilonwy woke up wanting to play. A game of tag ensued, with Manriki finally outfoxing the young druid with the clever use of lion’s roar to rouse his sleepy (and grumpy) companions so that they might keep up with her.

So the party traveled for 3 days before coming to a perfect 13-foot circle of Profound Lingering Evil, and no more tracks. Dogar bemoaned the situation, asking Manriki if he knew the master earth spell. Eilonwy did, and she cast it, disappearing to an unknown location.

So, the party turned around and walked back for 3 more days, then another 30 days to an enormous 3-story wall. Dogar flew up for reconnaissance, and discovered that the wall was just part of an enormous octagonal wall surrounding 7 smaller octagonal walls, each made of a different substance. Each wall ahd been breached in a different spot, and the structures inside had been largely ruined. At the center was what could be only described as a mushrooming stream of the golden sand that the party has come to equate with time.

Dogar grabbed Aria and Manriki, and they all flew to the center of this place. On landing, there was the “time fountain,” which had a low wall around it and an inscription that only Aria could read, something about the commemoration of those who fought to save Creation. The only other structures that were still standing or of interest were a library and a meeting hall.

Everyone made a beeline for the library. Dogar made it first, walking up the 9 steps until a manlike construct made of razor-edged cold iron asked him “what do you seek in the Library?” Dogar responded “knowledge.” The construct then asked him “what do you intend to take?” Dogar said “nothing,” and was allowed to pass, going in the door. Manriki and Aria were interrogated by a pair of constructs seemingly composed of hellfire. Manriki said that he sought “the power to save all of creation,” and was promptly attacked. Aria said something else that was the Wrong Answer, though I forgot what it was, and she was attacked too.

The Hellfire Eidolons were pretty dangerous, but Manriki was there, so there was nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, Dogar heard the sounds of combat and went back out. As he laid into the one that was attacking Aria, the Cold Iron Eidolon that had quizzed him reappeared, and moved to engage him, opening a terrible wound that bled copiously. Manriki engaged it, and it told him that he had “won entry by right of conquest,” and desired to be left alone to “deal with the betrayer.” A few healing spells and favored enemy attacks later, and the mouthy machine was defeated.

Dogar tried to walk in, and was mildly electrocuted. The door remained shut. Manriki tried to hold it open for him, but failed his Strength check against the building. Dogar waited a little, but decided to leave when he felt that he was being watched by angry eyes. He went over to the meeting hall, and walked in.

He found himself in a wooded area with a strange black road, greeted by two others who seemed to be expecting him. They told him that he was “at the park at the Center,” and that they needed to find The Door. They were shortly afterward accosted by a group of riders who demanded that they turn around, or more correctly, one of their number who was not good at hiding was. Dogar watched the interplay unfold, and moved on after Haggis the half-orc turned himself undetectable.

The three of them wandered along, until Dogar realized that they were being watched. The masked watcher accosted them as well using a pair of oddly-shaped clubs from a large bag across his back, and tried to fight Dogar, who gave better than he got. Dogar was merciful, however- his assailant didn’t try to actually kill him, he did the same.

The masked man said that he “had friends” who would be looking out for him, and that he and said friends were keeping an eye on part of the park. Dogar denied knowledge of someone called “the Shredder,” and said that he just wanted to go through the door. He left the other man tied up and snuck his way towards the construction site (where the door was supposed to be). En route, he was ambushed by 4 anthropomorphic turtles, but he managed to talk his way out of any violence, and get to the door.

He found himself in a strange hall filled with the likenesses of various people, and wandered for awhile.

Meanwhile, Manriki and Aria explored the massive Library with the help of an invisible agent of some kind who answered many questions, but had limited knowledge. Manriki cast amanuensis to copy a whole lot of stuff and looked around. Manriki asked if there was anything in the library about the Mists, and it led him to a stair deep within the place. Behind two locked doors, he found a single book, one section of which that Manriki had been looking for was heavily edited, in blood. Manriki questioned the attendant about this. The attendant replied that none of the materials in the Library were ever edited, that it was unwilling to enter the room where the book was for fear of destruction, and probably a few other things that I don’t remember.

Manriki and Aria quizzed the attendant at great length, finding that, among a great many other things, many of the Abstracts were destroyed, though one called Hope was known (according to the records in the Library, anyway) to still exist. There were no records of Death’s demise, the attendant had no concept of time, and in fact referred to the “time fountain” a few hundred feet from the Library as “the Phenomenon.” additionally, its knowledge seemed to end with the creation of the Phenomenon; the last record it had was from an Archmage detailing the final preparations before the Phenomenon was created.

They also found out that the Phenomenon’s purpose was to forestall the destruction of Creation.

Manriki checked on Dogar with his greater status and then the two of them went to find him while the spell ran down.


Also Manriki left a message for the Wizard Luvanar with the attendant telling him where they were and that they needed his help, since Manriki was no wizard.

Exposition Expedition

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