Back to the Future

Something broke loose, not quite Hell.

Desirra began having a breakdown, feeling that she “should not be there,” and the party tried unsuccessfully to calm the extremely anxious catgirl. Luvanar offered to take her back to the Material Plane and catch up with the party as soon as he could.

And with that, they left. The magic that powered the bubble seemed less under control, and the trip went a lot faster, though it was a lot more dangerous. In addition to the roving Abstracts, the effects of Time itself were much more dangerous. Eilonwy channeled the power of the Dog to prevent the party from all losing 10 or so years of their lives, and youthened to the point that her fragile child’s body could not withstand the ravages of Pestilence, and died. Manriki brought her back to life, and there was some more back-and-forth with the party losing and gaining years until in one big push, the party shot 32 years or so through to the end of Time.

The party found themselves in another manufactured plane, though this one was a lot nicer than the halfling-themed place that they had been to some months back, with an almost subtle undertone to its artificiality. The party came across the tracks of a great mass of assorted creatures, Dogar and Eilonwy were able to make some sense of this massive procession- there were several sets of tracks that the group was able to determine belonged to Legion, Filth, and probably Shortage/Demand, along with some other bipedal tracks in the midst of the marching horde. Eilonwy noted that this place was probably a timeless plane, because of something that she noticed.

The party followed these for awhile and came upon a razed fortress, only light rubble and the lines of the foundations remained. While poking through the rubble, Dogar found two things: A footprint that was on top of the mob’s footprints and yet somehow older than the footprints that it was obliterating, and a piece of purple yarn which turned out to be psionic. Dogar was reminded of a nursery rhyme that his wet nurse had told him when he was a boy, and he told it to the others, who made no sense of it. However, the presence of this conumdrum reminded everyone of some riddles that they had found when all this started, so they stopped and considered them.

Sever RL-hours later, Manriki’s Riddle was deciphered, though it didn’t shed much light on the situation at hand.



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