The Riders

The Abstracts that led the vanguard against the gods and mortalkind were as follows. There were others, but these are the ones that you remember being present at the end of the Final Battle:

War led the way, riding his terrible steed, Legion, an especially vile and aggressive nightmare branded with accountings of the conflicts that had unfolded thus far. War’s heralds, Wrath and Pride, ran ahead of the procession.

Close on their heels were Vermin and Rot, the heralds of the Abstract Pestilence who was astride the loathsome Filth, a hideous amalgam of organic matter and refuse. Following in their wake were Blight and Greed, heralds of Famine. Famine’s two-headed mount, Shortage and Demand, eyed the countryside hopefully, but did not stray from its appointed task.

Far behind them crept Silence and Void, the heralds of Death. The two of them had stood guard at Death’s resting place, and when she arose, they sought out the others who had already ridden to do battle, their task apparently at an end. Death followed behind at an almost leisurely pace, sitting delicately sidesaddle on a mount made of glowing flecks of golden sand.

As it would turn out, Death arrived to the final confrontation far too late to participate in it, but she was not perturbed by this development. In fact, it was almost as if she expected it.

The Riders