The Mages' Consulate

(in progress)

While not a nation, the Mages’ Consulate is a power onto itself. This organization of arcane spellcasters is united in its continuing mission to extend the boundaries of magical knowledge through cooperative research and study.

While actual members in good standing are prepared spellcasters like wizards and wu jen, the Consulate offers educational resources for people who demonstrate inborn magical talent as well, primarily around the proper use of magical power, but also allowing limited access to research and advice.

Due to the highly dangerous and sometimes clandestine nature of the experiments and other work done by the arcanists of the Consulate, their best-known (there are a number of others that only high-ranking members know of) guildhalls are in highly inaccessible locations.

Mages’ Mountain is a high peak in the midst of an inhospitable badland, turning into salt flats as it reaches the swamps that surround Hellzapoppin. There is little game to be had there, and no one calls the place home.

Mages’ Caldera is a structure built in superheated volcanic lake far to the north.

The Mages' Consulate