Rules of Time Travel

So we’ve found that we can go back and forward in time. Here are some ground rules that may contradict what you normally understand about time travel or conventions thereof, mostly laid down for my sanity:

Essentially, you cannot travel back along your own timeline with the methods that we have been using (this is why there is elapsed player time in the card game). Your own timeline is already written; to change events that shaped it would essentially unmake you, and you don’t want that. Trust me. What this means:

  • There are no time duplicates. You cannot encounter yourself without unmaking yourself, as your timeline will loop back on itself (future meets past) and be destroyed. The epic spell time duplicate specifically says:

The character’s future self is technically only a possible future self (the time stream is a maelstrom of multiple probabilities), but snatching that future self from 1 round in the future collapses probability, and the possible future becomes the definite future.

Therefore, that spell still works within the confines of these rules, and can even be cast while in the past, as it is a future self from your timeline, not that of the world.

  • You CANNOT tell yourself that you are from the future and not to perform Action X, nor can you leave notes to the same effect, or otherwise make preparations for future events. This would unmake you. Period.
  • You CANNOT change events directly related to your past. Your timeline is the sum of your experiences and decisions.
  • You CAN change events that affected you indirectly, to varying degrees. If Event Y did not involve you directly, but affected something very important to you (the death of a loved one, the destruction/gain of an important object, etc) you might be able to prevent or stall it, but the resulting ripple in the web of events cannot be fully planned for. You’ll just have to accept what comes, if you’re willing to do such a thing.
  • You CAN change (or try to change) events that don’t involve you at all, ie: the decisions of another creature, or preventing/stalling events that might have changed that creature’s life. Again, the effects on the web of events tied to that remains to be seen, but it’s an option.
  • You CAN take advantage of your knowledge of the future (gambling, sleuthing, things of that nature), as long as they would not directly impact past events in your life. You could go look for that person who stood you up, but if you confronted them about it, that could unmake you.

Objects from the past and future (most importantly at present, the Starshard):

In the present, the Starshard is still missing. If it survives the 14 months without being lost again, then the events that led to the party coming to the Orhall Islands in the first place will be undone, because there would be no reason for the natives to attack the colonists, and therefore, no reason for the Empress to ask Luvanar for help.

This will not cause a time paradox and destroy everything, nor will it undo the actions that took place on the demiplane, but it is important to note that neither it, nor At’Mal’Uamii are safe from “history” repeating itself just because you brought them back in time.

Rules of Time Travel