Terrain: Cold mountains and forests
Population: 49,711 (19% goblinoid, 14% half-giant, 18% goliath, 20% orc/half-orc, 21% human, 9% other)
Power Centers:
Conventional, Lawful Evil(Duke Grinnash)
Nonstandard, Neutral Evil (Themlygor the Mad)
Nonstandard, Chaotic Evil (“Slaughterer”)
Conventional, Lawful Evil (Angorax Halfblood)
Monstrous, Chaotic Evil (Osa Dalhurdsdatter and her Giantblooded Marauders)
Nonstandard, Lawful Evil (Hobgoblin Tribes of Lotash)

Full-time Guards: Varied by territory
Community Milita: Varied by territory, although there are as of last reckoning something in the area of 12,000 combat-trained individuals, and an additional 6,000 who are combat-ready, but not formally trained.
Religions: Varied
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Lotash does not have a true king. If it did, all the Dukes, Duchesses, warchiefs, Barons and other assorted self-titled rulers of the place would likely raise up in arms against the would-be monarch and throw them down, so they could go back to running their own little slice of the harsh mountainous territory. In the wake of the Cardinnian invasion, many of the territorial rulers in Lotash have come together to fight against the significantly more populous, but less dangerous, threat.

There are perhaps six major players in the constantly shifting game of Lotashi politics who control the other lesser power-mongers. Chief (politically, anyway) among them is Duke Grinnash, a human aristocrat who is smooth enough to sit on the Council of Kingdoms and represent Lotashi interests (although as of late, his major concern has been petitioning the other nations of the realm to aid his countrymen in removing the Cardinnians- something he might not be as concerned about if his mines in the Starrgarn Mountains were not so closely threatened by the incursion) yet ruthless and powerful enough to hold a significant amount of territory within Lotash itself.