(in progress)

Hellzapoppin is a city-state of misfits. From its ancestral beginnings as an outpost for the self-styled (and deceased) Emperor Krulos, Terror of the Valorian Plains, to its teeming goblinoid populace and its most recent purpose as a haven for the former tiefling/aasimar population of Volhkerhaast.

What was once a fortress is now the home for the “Mayor” of Hellzapoppin (the honorific has stuck, despite the scale of the city-state drastically having changed since its founding), and several layers of defensive walls circle the wards of the city like the rings of a tree stump, attesting to its rapid growth, and not just population-wise. While the law is lax in many places (things that would be considered contraband in a number of other kingdoms can be had easily, if not cheaply in Hellzapoppin), perhaps the goblin drive for community keeps the overall mood of the city relatively safe. Street crime is relatively low for a sprawling city of its nature.

Like many goblin settlements, rulership in Hellzapoppin is determined by strength and fearlessness, with the new leader of the city often assassinating the old.