Giant Country

Long ago, giants of all types roamed the mainland. The giants say that it was the dwarves and the gnomes who rallied the other small races against them and eventually drove them off the mainland, but no one is exactly sure anymore. The frost giants insist that it was this unjust war that darkened their hearts (along with those of other types of giants known to be evil) and turned many of their kind to cruelty; the dwarves say that exile has in fact tempered their vile ways.

In modern times, lesser giants like ogres and hill giants can be found on the mainland, but for the most part, giants larger than Large size dwell in the northern subcontinent referred to unlovingly as “Giant Country.”

While giantkind is not forbidden to return to the mainland, the Nothern Citadel is a dwarf-engineered monument to the mainlanders’ general opinion of where the giants ought to remain.

Giant Country consists of four landmasses containing a surprising number of terrain features and climates for such a relatively small landmass. The central and largest landmass is made of temperate forests, hills and mountains, and is primarily populated by hill giants, ogres, forest, cloud, stone and bog giants. The landmass to the southwest is more arid, consisting of warm plains and deserts with volcanoes to the far west, and is home to sand, sun, storm and fire giants. Another somewhat to the northeast is the coldest of them all and is ruled by the frost and death giants, who keep an uneasy alliance. This land is also inhabited by ogres, ogre mages, trolls, scrags, ettins and a small population of cloud and storm giants. The last of them, to the northeast is mostly temperate and cold forests and mountains, and is home to a wide arrangement of giant types.

Eldritch giants are known to dwell in the Underdark and are rare at best in Giant Country.

Giant Country