Getting Around

I warn you now; I have a poor sense of distance, and an even poorer sense of scale.

Dragonflight and swim speeds assume 8 hours of travel. Creatures who are not alive can obviously move continuously, and that or a forced march throws all this math out the window. But, for reference:

Mode of Travel:
Sailing Ship
Dragonflight (150’/rd)
Dragonflight (200’/rd)
Dragonflight (250’/rd)
Swim Speed of 60’
Average Party Land Speed
Per Hour:
2 miles
20 miles
20 miles
30 miles
40 miles
7 miles
8 miles
Per Day:
48 miles
480 miles
160 miles
240 miles
320 miles
56 miles
64 miles
Per Week:
336 miles
3,360 miles
1,120 miles
1,680 miles
2,240 miles
392 miles
448 miles
Per Month:
1,440 miles
14,400 miles
4,800 miles
7,200 miles
9,600 miles
1,680 miles
1,792 miles

Valdar is 3,471 miles from Irunnia (the mainland). It is 5,169 miles from Dragon Isle. Dragon Isle is 8,640 miles from Irunnia.

  • It takes an airship 7.2 days to fly from Valdar to Irunnia.
  • It can fly from Valdar to Dragon Isle in 10.7 days.
  • It takes a dragon the following amount of time to reach either landmass, assuming that they are able to find/create a suitable place to rest while flying. There are waystations set up for this purpose, roughly spaced out for draconic convenience. but a dragon wishing to make the journey often prepares a backup, unless that dragon is a silver dragon. They just sleep on a cloud:
Mode of Travel: Dragonflight(150’rd) Dragonflight(200’rd) Dragonflight(250’rd)
Irunnia: 2 months 36 days 27 days
Valdar: 32.3 days 21.5 days 16.1 days

A dragon with a swim speed can instead swim to Irunnia in 159 days, or to Valdar in 96.

Irunnia is roughly 7,500 miles wide at its widest point- The west coast of Volhkerhaast to the edge of Chi no Kooritoyuki. The mainland of Giant Country is about 2,558 miles wide. The other three islands of Giant Country are about 1,730 miles in diameter each. Korsia (the continent that Valdar lies on) is approximately the size of Great Britain, and the other islands will be filled in as needed.

Getting Around