Council of Kingdoms

The Council of Kingdoms is a strange occurence.

Every ruler that meets several unknown criteria (some sages believe that population, personal influence and standing army are among these, but there are doubtless others) receives a golden talisman shaped like a round table with a ruby located at a point at the table, apparently from nowhere. Attempts to discard or destroy them have always failed; they simply return the next sunrise. No ruler has ever been able to tell where the item came from; it simply appears. This is referred to as “being recognized by the Council.”

Every few years, the talismans glow with a soft light, and two months after the glow starts, the rulers find themselves transported to a round, flat-topped building, typically some distance away from the boundaries of any nation, or equally spanning the borders of two or more.

This edifice is the Council Hall, a wondrous intelligent construct that exists solely for the purpose of making the rulers of the many and varied nations of the world sit down and discuss their grievances, renew or break alliances, and otherwise do king/queenly things.

In the weeks prior to the glow starting, the Council Hall can be seen drifting through the skies; seeking a relatively neutral place to settle down. Common folk are allowed, even encouraged to attend; many of them will chase after the Council Hall with much festivity. They are even permitted to speak, in turn.Each lay person is given a set amount of time to speak, and the rulers in attendance may respond to them, if desired, then the lay person is allowed a final thought.

The building is staffed by a small contingent of guards, many of them are also constructs, some of them are living beings, the Keepers of the Council. Their first and primary task is to defend the Important People of the Council of Kingdoms- obviously with so many people in attendance from across the realm, anything could happen, and has.

Next, they maintain order with the laypeople, acting as ushers and stewards when necessary. The Hall has full facilities that can accommodate up to 1,000 Medium-sized living creatures in addition to its regular staff, and visitors can receive relatively luxurious treatment during their visit to a Council session, which can last several days(a healthy crowd of hangers-on and vendors often springs up around the place, as well). The Hall seems to know what has been going on in the realms, and will often hold the rulers there until all issues have been brought to light. It does not reveal state secrets, but if two nations are feuding, for example, it will take pains to make sure that the feud is aired out before the assemblage of nobility.

Once the meeting is over and all problems have been brought to light, the Council Hall adjourns the meeting, and transports the rulers back to their respective kingdoms. All visitors are required to leave. Any who remain will be impressed into service until the Council Hall returns.

There are several rules that visitors to the Council must abide by:

  • No weapons of any kind are permitted. Anyone found bringing a weapon into the Council Hall will be imprisoned and questioned at worst, and denied access at best. Obviously, people need to be able to defend themselves while travelling to the place, so weapons may be checked for a small fee.
  • The rooms designated for the rulers as well as the main meeting hall where the discussions take place are barred from teleportation (in fact, the main meeting hall has a functioning antimagic field in it), scrying and telepathy. Magic is allowed in the rest of the building, but no offensive magics may be cast. Anyone found casting offensive magics will be questioned or thrown out, probably both.
    **Teleportation magic works within, but not into or out of, the building.

Council of Kingdoms