Council Chatter

It has been four months since the PCs were attacked in Teyrn. The Council of Kingdoms has been underway with regular council meetings (the talks where rulers talk about important things) for four days (this is the fourth day), but following some grave announcements over the first three days, is coming to the end of a three-day hiatus:

On the first day, the representative of Giant Country announced that his people will be are already making an exodus to the mainland because of a spreading blight on their lands, that any opposition to this will be construed as an act of aggression against giantkind, and will be responded to in kind. The giants expect to make landfall around the western border of Cardinnia and the Blue Tree Wilderness.

On the third day, The Queen of the High Elves has declared open war on the Settled Orcs of Tok-Fultaar, because she claims that Cruel Lorgen captured and brutalized her daughter, leaving her with child. Her healers say that some dark magic is afoot, as elves and orcs are not known to be able to crossbreed, but the child is undoubtedly of orcish descent, more specifically, the child shares blood with the King of the Settled Orcs. The next day in the council session, Lorgen asked the Queen of the Gray Elves, Quekinves Reevryn as the Gray Elf enclave, to intercede, or at the very least offer aid in the coming conflict, but was rebuffed. The Gray Elf queen said that “her people would not make war on other elves for the sake of an orc’s honor.”

On the third day, Duke Grinnash accused the Cardinnian representatives of summoning evil outsiders as part of their war of conquest in Lotash. He had a long list of witnesses, some spoke of a pit fiend ravaging the front lines, others of winged fiendish archers that could only be eirnines playing unearthly music. The Duke’s list included the party of adventurers that he hired to defeat the pit fiend: A human ranger named Kevin Turaan, a spell caster of some sort who called herself Xiandra Balefire, and a human Volkerhaasti warrior named Orren. (The other three members of their party had been killed by the creature) In the face of all this mounting evidence, the religious representative of Cardinnia acknowledged the happening, and also explained that the one behind these happenings had been “justly punished, and is beyond the power of this, or any other mortal council to censure.” The King of Cardinnia offers to make reparations to Lotash (not just the Duke); the two of them agree to discuss this further later.

Council Chatter