Terrain: Temeprate plains and cold mountains
Population: 784,251 (83% human, 3% dwarf, 5% halfling, 2% aasimar, 1% elf, 4% half-elf, 2% other)
Power Centers:
Conventional, Lawful Good (King Folir)
Nonstandard, Lawful Good (The Church of Hironeous)
Conventional, Lawful Evil(Cardinnian Nobility)
Full-time Guards: 7,089
Community Milita: 30,947
Religions: Hieroneous (State religion)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The previous king of Cardinnia had six children and was a long time in dying. When he finally did pass on, his children began a long stretch of dickering that resulted in several assassinations and almost sent the kingdom spiralling into civil war.

This leadership gap allowed the nobility to erode his power, until the Church of Hieroneous, which had long been the religion of the kingdom, stepped in, taking over the militia (many of the nobles were not interested in protecting anything past the boundaries of their own lands, and only those that really turned a profit), and maintaining order between feuding nobles. Finally, they were able to arbitrate the succession, choosing the one child of the old king who had had the least interest in governing, as the other remaining scions were too selfishly motivated (as they had already proven by killing their siblings and almost sending the nation into war).

King Folir the Reluctant, the sixth child who never dreamt of becoming king, became king on his ninteenth birthday. For the first three years, many of the nobles were content to ignore him, and the Church (under the rulership of Cardinal Haynes, currently deceased), used its own considerable power to back him, while stealing much of the credit for the few things that he managed to get done. He has slowly gained more political power, but is still outweighed by the bulk of the nobility. The Church, still shaken over the death of the Cardinal, has been reorganizing, and has been giving Folir his head more often lately as a result.