Follower of Farlarghan with a bow


1. At such high levels, most people will at least have heard a story about your character, no matter how low a profile you attempt to keep. Describe a DC 10 (basic knowledge) Knowledge: Local check someone could make about your character.

I come from another plane, and on that plane I’m considered a great hero who defeated three gods.

2. What “Party Role” (tank, buffer, skill monkey, skirmisher, blaster, etc) do you feel your character will occupy? (This doesn’t need a long answer)

Healer/skirmisher/skill monkey/knowledge whore/smart ass

3. What do you see this character doing in combat? Please be very specific. If there is a particular spell or attack routine that you would prefer to be able to use, this is the place where you let me know.

I imagine Phaedra to be very pesky—she will shoot arrows and blast opponents with spells in the same round—most likely making her a target. Her signature spell will probably be Radiant Assault.

4. What sort of challenges (combat and non-combat) do you feel would be interesting for this character to encounter?

Biggest challenge will probably be trying to lead the ragtag group of companions she suddenly finds herself in the midst of. She’s not the natural leader type, but after taking inventory of those who are in her group, she feels like she’s the only logical choice. Orphan will endlessly amuse her and annoy her at the same time. Iggy has some strange, illogical notions (like walking to an island), and Kallen seems to like going against the grain.


0. Give me some vital statistics: Where were you born? How old are you? What do you look like? Where do you call home?

I was born in Bloodwatch and I’m 21 years old. I’m about 5’6”, long brown hair and hazel eyes. I normally wear pretty nondescript brown clothing. I suppose I still call Bloodwatch home, though it has been many years since I’ve remained there for any length of time. My parents are direct descendents of the refugees who settled at Bloodwatch three hundred years ago. They have even claimed to be descended from Bozena Kieracul herself, though I’m not entirely sure this is true as there is no surviving proof. In terms of personality, I’m loud, brash, and sometimes uncouth. I have a very wicked sense of humor and I like playing practical jokes on people. I like to travel; there’s nothing more boring than constantly staying in one place. I’m also really impatient which can be somewhat annoying to those who travel with me.

1. Why did you take up Adventuring? What keeps you adventuring? Surely you could have retired more than comfortably by now.

I like exploring new territories and camping under the stars. I was once a scout for the garrison at Bloodwatch. It was a life I fell into unwillingly. Both my parents had served the Wardens. They urged me at a very young age to follow suit, though I had little interest in the military. I was more interested in the lives of the druids I encountered in the woods surrounding Bloodwatch and spent much of my youth with them. I left the military because I was tired of being stuck in the same place for years on end. When they refused to transfer me to another division in Loxosphil, I didn’t re-enlist when my enlistment period was over. I was also tired of fighting all those damn fire giants. My close friend Hellia, one of the druids of Bloodwatch, intrigued me with tales of the divine god of travel, Farlarghn and so I set off with my friend Elyl to see if I could find any evidence of this god in a world that was primarily devoid of any divine gods. Now that I’ve found my faith and connection to Farlarghn, I’ve found that my desire to travel has only intensified with time.

2. What family and/or friends do you have, and what do they think about your Adventuring? Where do these people live?

My mother is a very austere woman, and not given to showing her emotions. She recently retired from active duty. My father is a humorless man who still serves the Bloodwatch Wardens. I’m his greatest disappointment, or so he says. I have one younger brother and one older sister, one a soldier, one a druid. I’m not close to either of them. I had an older brother, but he was killed by fire giants when I was a kid. My parents don’t think much of my adventuring, though I suspect this will be different when I finally return to Irunia.

My best friend is a Druid by the name of Hellia. She lives in the area surrounding Bloodwatch. She was one of the druids I befriended in my youth. I used to escape from the cold stone walls of Bloodwatch and wander around the woods, trying to fill up the hours of my day while I assiduously avoided my siblings and my parents. It was Hellia who first told me the stories of Fharlanghn that sparked my interest. My worst enemies are probably the fire giants. I also have a very good friend, a soul forge elf who was raised among the Druids of Bloodwatch, Elyl, with whom I began my journey after leaving Bloodwatch.

3. What Great Deed(s) have you done that you’re proud of?

I’ve defeated three evil gods who wanted to take over the world. It doesn’t get more heroic than that. On a smaller scale, I’ve kept a viperous nest of fire giants away from Bloodwatch.

4. Your Adventuring career has probably spawned at least one nemesis, unless you’ve killed them all. Who hates you, whom do you hate, and why? If you’ve actually killed them all, how do you feel about that? Why do you keep adventuring at this point if there are no more Great Foes to fight, and you are as powerful as you are?

I don’t like fire giants much, but then again, who does? I don’t like those Ur-Priests who always pass through Bloodwatch on their way to the barbarian lands. There’s something about them that creeps me out. I especially don’t like The Three, but they’re ancient history now (I hope). If they manage to survive the onslaught of all the gods, I’ll probably have a big fat target on my head. They’re not too fond of me either, you see.

5. You’re not a robot (even if you are a warforged). Who do you love (even if they do not love you back)?

I love my parents and my siblings and Elyl and Hellia. Romance has never been a part of my life.

6. What is your character’s greatest hope or favorite dream? What makes them happy?

To keep traveling, discover new places, and spread the word of Farlarghn.

7. What is your character’s darkest fear or worst nightmare? Do they have any lesser fears or phobias?

To be forced to remain in one place. To be hemmed in or imprisoned. To lose my divine connection to Farlarghn. I also hate peas.

8. What do you see this character doing over the course of the story? Do you see them changing in some way, confronting that nemesis you wrote about, dying bravely?

I won’t die, no matter what, and I’ll make sure to keep all my companions safe, too. I want to make a difference in this world and be pivotal in the fight against the Mists. I want to be worthy of the trust that Farlharghn has placed in me.