Manriki Gusari (the chain that breaks the sword)



name/AL/S/R Manriki Gusari / NG / M / Human
class/lvl Monk-2 / Cleric-9 / Sacred Fist-10 / Ordained Champion-5
AC (T/FF) 56 (43/46) 12 arm, 8 dex, 3 nat, 5 def, 2 sacred, 13 wis, 3 monk
speed 60
init 8
HP 367
fort 33
ref 29
will 45
str 31 (10)
dex 27 (
con 18 (4)
int 12 (
wis 36 (13)
chr 15 (
BaB//Grapple 21/16/11/6 // 41
Unarmed Strike 39/34/29/24 2d10+16 Flurry 37/37/32/27/22 2d1016 Sacred flames
Skills Class
Balance, Concentration, escape Artist, Intimidate, Kn Arc, Kn Planes, Kn Religion, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Tumble Languages- Common Flaws- Shaky, Poor Reflexes
Combat Casting, Sacred Vow, Eschew Materials, Vow of Poverty, Stunning Fist ( 8 x DC:36 F), Combat Reflexes, W Prof- Longsword, Practiced Spellcaster, Superior Unarmed Strike, Imp Grapple, Scorpion’s Grasp, Quicken Spell, Customize Domain (War: 3rd-mass resist energy, 7th- mass cure serious, 8th- mass cure critical, 9th- mass heal), Die hard, Imp toughness, close quarters fighting, Epic Vow of Poverty, Legendary Wrestler,
Exalted Feats
Nymph’s Kiss, intuitive attack, gift of faith, exalted turning, nimbus of light, sanctify natural attack, sanctify weapon, servant of the heavens, touch of golden Ice, Great Strength, Great Strength, Great Wisdom

special abilities
AC bonus 12 , Exalted Strike +6 (Epic, Silver, Cold Iron, good, Magic), Deflection bonus +5, Resistance Bonus +3, Nat Arm Bonus +3, Resist A,C,E,F, S- 15 , Freedom of Movement, True Seeing, DR- 10/Evil, Endure Elements, Sustenance, Greater Sustenance, Regenerate 22/hp/ hour, Holy Wake, Holy Aura 20’ Rad, Unarmed Strike, Flurry of Blows, Evasion, Fast Move +30, Turn Undead 5x, Sacred Flames (2x, SF lvl + wis Bonus, 1 min, Std), blindsense 10’, Inner Armor (1x, +4 AC & Saves SR25, 1 min), Smite-(Turn attempt, Cha Bous to hit, turning lvl att), Channel Spell- turn attempt, move, 8hrs, Divine Bulwark- sac a spell, DR- 1sp lvl/chaotic, 5 rds, swift, Fist of the Gods- Sac a spell, 1+sp lvl dam, 5rds, swift, Rapid Sponaneous Casting- War Spells as swift, Holy Warrior- Turn Attempt, swift, wis to dam, War Caster- +2 CL to War domain spells

0 lvl (6)
1st lvl (10)
2nd lvl (9)
3rd lvl (9)
4th lvl (9)
5th lvl (9)
6th lvl (7)
7th lvl (7)
8th lvl (7)
9th lvl (7)


0. Give me some vital statistics: Where were you born? How old are you? What do you look like? Where do you call home?

I was born on a world far away, separated from other worlds by vast distances, but connected by an outpost of the Elven Armada that spans across innumerable worlds. My parents were both farmers and I was always a large boy, eating much more than my share of food. When I was a young boy of 11, my parents were barely able to afford feeding me, in spite of the fact that I could do the work of a full-grown man. When a traveling priest of Hieroneous, a man named Gossman Creed, came to our local harvest festival and saw my strength even at that young age he offered to take me as an apprentice to learn the way of Hieroneous. My parents eagerly agreed, not fully understanding the concept of deities, as there were none on our world.
Now it is 20 years later and I am out on my own spreading the word of Hieroneous in my own right. I am a handsome man, if somewhat large, and extremely strong in both body and will. I am well over 6 feet tall, and weigh over 400 pounds. I, like all of my obscure order, travel around the planes spreading the word of Hieroneous and fighting against injustice and unfairness whenever necessary.

1. Why did you take up Adventuring? What keeps you adventuring? Surely you could have retired more than comfortably by now.

Well I guess I was sort of forced into adventuring, but it does suit me well. I have devoted my life to promoting fair competition as it gives all who compete a greater strength of mind, body and soul. I am far too young and strong to quit now, although when I do, I am honored to have already been offered a job as trainer in the great Arena of Hieroneous on one of the central worlds, due to my successful career as a missionary.

2. What family and/or friends do you have, and what do they think about your Adventuring? Where do these people live?

My parents didn’t really understand what they were doing when they agreed to “apprentice” me to Gossman. On that world, craftsmen were held in the highest regard, and they assumed that I would learn a lucrative trade and then come back to the village and set up shop, able to take care of them in their old age. I have been back there, and gave them enough riches to live to a ripe old age in comfort, but they are still disappointed and don’t understand what I have made with my life. Most of my 4 brothers and 3 sisters feel the same way, save the youngest girl, Misa who is now enrolled in the academy of Hieroneous that I helped to establish on my home world.
I have three people I consider my friends:
Gossman Creed, the man who taught me all I know of the universe, even if I was never the best student, is one. He, like me is traveling the planes spreading the word. Right now he is investigating a strange forced competition of some sort in a place where the world itself is locked in a seemingly endless battle with the Gods of that place, who are they themselves trapped.
Reginn Pang is the second. He is a Paladin of Pelor, and the finest warrior I have ever seen or had the honor of being defeated by. Most of our travels together have been on this world, where we have fought side by side against the most powerful Undead to ever come out of Helzzapoppin. I parted ways with him after his order started the conquest of Lotash. He, like me felt it was in bad form, but I, unlike him was not beholden to go and fight for a cause we both believed was wrong. We parted on good terms, but I fear that some day we may end up on opposite sides of a battlefield if the madness that seems to have taken over the hierarchy of his church doesn’t subside. I still bear the arm wraps presented to me by his order for our defeat of the Vampire General, Kinnear.
Alleandra Baeris is the third. Over the last decade we have been everything from adversaries to lovers, but we remain friends to this day. She is a warrior/sorceress of the highest caliber, and traveled with Reginn and I during our campaign in Hellzapoppin. Last I heard she was traveling to the dwarven lands in search of powerful artifacts from some kind of ancient civilization or some such thing.

3. What Great Deed(s) have you done that you’re proud of?

All of my deeds are great, and I am proud of everything I do. Some of the greatest deeds I have done are legendary.
I was part of the party that helped to defeat the Lich Queen. During that battle I wrestled, one on one, the Queen’s storm giant champion to a draw. The battle lasted eight days and during the grapple, our throws and pins leveled one mountain and created a lake. It was solely because of my prowess that some of the others were able to sneak in and steal her phylactery, whilst its guardian was distracted.
Reginn, Alleanda and I once traveled through the Keep of Endless Night to the heart of the Illithid duke. For a year and a day, we fought our way through hordes of sightless beasts until we found at last the great brain that spawns those vile fiends. While Reginn fought to destroy the great brain, and Alleandra spell-dueled the illithid high sorcerer, I fought a great slimy beast. It was the size of a castle and covered in slime. It lashed out at me with one thousand claw-tipped tentacles, but I tied them all in knots until I found its neck and choked it unconscious in time to help Reginn defeat the master brain.
Once while traveled in the wilderness of Thern, I came upon a gluttonous dragon who lured travelers into its lair to feast upon. It was so fat I could not fit my arms around even its smallest claw to subdue it, so I laughed at it and challenged it to a drinking contest. I drank five thousand flagons of ale and still stood to watch it fall asleep in a drunken stupor, then I ripped off it’s head with my bare hands and stole it’s horde to redistribute amongst the dwarves who suffered from its wrath. That is why I am welcome in any Dwarven stronghold in all of Thule.
What? We are running out of time? Ah well, I will tell you the rest another time; I have a hundred such tales.

4. Your Adventuring career has probably spawned at least one nemesis, unless you’ve killed them all. Who hates you, whom do you hate, and why? If you’ve actually killed them all, how do you feel about that?

I traveled to Giant’s country to try and find a worthy opponent to wrestle, and came upon a fire giant named Freggest, who I challenged to three contests. He won the Eating contest, only because I had eaten some bad fish the day before, and could only finish 10 whole pigs and 2 cows to his 11 and 3. I won the drinking contest, of course. We wrestled for 3 days to a standstill, until at last we threw each other down almost simultaneously. He says that I fell first, when of course he did. We argued back and forth until we decided that each of us would choose a judge to weigh the case, and agreed to abide their decisions. We had 4 days to choose our judge, so I swam across the sea then ran for 2 days straight until I found Reginn, then brought him back in time for the decision. Both his judge, a neiboring tribe’s shaman, and Reginn agreed that I had won and from that day forward, Freggest and his clan have sworn to kill me.

5. You’re not a robot (even if you are a warforged). Who do you love (even if they do not love you back)?

I love my parents and brothers and sisters, especially Misa, as well as Reginn, Alleanda and Gossman.

6. What is your character’s greatest hope or favorite dream? What makes them happy?

I am happy as long as I am challenged. Also I like to drink, eat and make love. I Hope one day to find a challenge so great that I will not hope to be able to win, and then find a way to defeat it.

7. What is your character’s darkest fear or worst nightmare? Do they have any lesser fears or phobias?

I hate monkeys.

8. What do you see this character doing over the course of the story? Do you see them changing in some way, confronting that nemesis you wrote about, dying bravely?

I will take what comes.

Archetype/Play Style
1. At such high levels, most people will at least have heard a story about your character, no matter how low a profile you attempt to keep. Describe a DC 10 (basic knowledge) Knowledge: Local check someone could make about your character.

A great fat priest of Hieroneous often travels around telling stories of his prowess, but will help any who ask if the request includes a challenge of some sort, or if the asker is truly in need.

Manriki Gusari (the chain that breaks the sword)

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