Cruel Lorgen

Bloodthirsty orcish marauder, possibly blood of a king,


The leader of the orcs of Tok-Fultaar is called “Just Lorgen,” for his wisdom and compassion. It is a well-known fact that Just Lorgen had a twin brother, also named Lorgen. It is an even better-known fact that Just Lorgen’s brother lacks the traits that so define his sibling.

Cruel Lorgen left his tribe early, around the age of 15, becoming one of the Wanderers, perhaps the ultimate archetype of that kind. Surrounding himself with a small number of elite warriors (in Cruel Lorgen’s band, one either becomes elite or dead very quickly), Cruel Lorgen terrorizes the countryside like a tornado- never staying in one place long enough to be brought down, but leaving an unmistakable path of destruction and chaos in his wake. His range seems to extend along the eastern portion of the continent, although he has appeared on the coastlines only rarely. preferring territory where he and his warriors can disappear into the landscape or use it to their advantage in the face of great resistance.

Cruel Lorgen was rumored to have been killed several times, only to resurface again. Whether this testifies to him being more well-connected or powerful than believed, or if these continued attacks under the name of Cruel Lorgen are simply copycats taking advantage of the infamy of the moniker remains to be seen, although the latter theory is more likely, as Cruel Lorgen would have to be more than 50 years old by now, and according to what eyewitnesses have seen the warchief in action, he is no less spry for his protracted reign of terror.

Cruel Lorgen