Caden Stormstrider


Caden Stormstrider is a 40-year-old human, tanned, with black hair and a grey eye. His other eye socket has been replaced with an item called the Eye of the Storm. It seems like an artificial eye- the iris is electric blue-white- with various properties described later. He has a hooked nose and a long mustache. He is in average shape. Sorcerer 8/Stormcaster (Stormwrack) 10

Caden was born in Valdarja, the capital of Valdar, a principality on the coast of a smaller continent named Korsia.* Valdarja is strategically placed at the mouth of a major river leading to the heart of the continent, the Starfall River. Valdar does not have that much land in and of itself, but a series of expansionist rulers and a strong navy have allowed it to control foreign areas far beyond what would be normally expected. Due to this, Valdar has small territories across the world, and is a rather cosmopolitan empire. The

Caden was the son of Ennis Stormstrider, one of the three top admirals in Valdar’s navy. His mother, Celeste, was a traveling bard of some note. Ennis wasn’t aware of Caden’s existence until perhaps 2 years after his brief fling with Celeste, when a ship came back with a bawling young child and a note. He burned the note and raised Caden, who only knew that his mother was dead. Caden grew up in the navy, a privileged son who received special treatment from most sailors. When he came of age, he likewise joined the navy, but in the magical branch, serving as a spellcaster to handle the storms and weather. His magical talent seemed to have come from his mother, as well as his temperament. After a few years’ service, he left the navy, tired of the rules and regulations, and joined a group of adventurers on a quest to rediscover the ancient airship Sivhanis Allora, said to be cursed to roam the skies and seas for eternity. They eventually found it after 10 years (and many other adventures, including fighting his mother, Celeste, who had become tainted with evil), and restored it to glory. The tinker of the group, the gnome Fibbin McGobberstop, learned the secrets of airship travel eventually and created his own economic empire by selling new airships to those who could afford them. Caden “learned” the secrets himself and returned to Valdar, parlaying his mastery of magic and the secret of airships into a position of power- beholden to none but the Empress.

He returned just in time for the War of the Nereid’s Roost, when Valdar and several other nations and groups became embroiled in a fight with the mysterious Storm Banshee, who was calling forth mysterious storms decimating the ports of the world and undersea civilizations. Controlling many monstrous aquatic creatures, as well as reaver pirates from across the world, the Storm Banshee proved a difficult and terrible opponent. Caden worked with several other powerful adventurers to secure an alliance among those who lived above and below the water, including a trio of aboleths who claimed to seek the “Path of Rippling Light” and forswore the ways of their evil brethren. In the final battle at Storm Crow’s Eyrie, Caden discovered the Storm Banshee to be the sundered spirit of his mother, controlled by a tainted artifact, the Eye of the Storm. It was a collection of crystallized aboleth eyes, originally created by aboleths to drag the world under the ocean waves and return the aboleth race to supremacy. With the aid of the turncoat aboleths, Caden and his allies managed to sunder the Eye of the Storm, destroying many of the eyes and scattering the rest. This also released those possessed by the orb, including Celeste, who finally found peace.

As a memento, Caden took the specific eye that had controlled his mother, and now looked like her eye, to replace the one he lost in the final battle. No longer tainted by the malign intelligence of the artifact, it also lacked the power of the artifact, as well, but still boasted powers of sea and storm.

After the war had ended, Caden spent his time ensuring the aerial navy of Valdar was well-established before retiring to an enjoyable life on the ocean. He hopes to find a way to travel the realms with his elemental ship The Rambler, and is currently searching for information on something called a planar helm.

Caden Stormstrider