Aside: Luvanar's Plea

The grey elf takes six weeks to think, then speaks. ;)

“In a war between two nations, one may fall. In a war among all nations, none may stand.

I am called Luvanar, and I pray that, whether you know me or not, you will hear my words and consider them well.

In recent months, there has come war, and rumors of war. Some come to claim what they see as rightfully theirs; others fight to hold their family’s lands. Some seek to avenge a grievous wrong; others fight to maintain their innocence. Old rivalries resurface, and new enmity is

Such wars happen, but they are usually limited to a time and a place. What I see now is an entire world poised to tear itself apart. When war borders war, there is a place where the two meet, unleashing fury like two storms meeting in a mountain pass.

I am reminded of the neighboring nations of Hytheronia and Pelagar that once shared the now-desert island of Thane. Civil war broke out in both nations at nearly the same time. Some say that the leaders of each nation funded the rebels in the other; some say that a mercenary warlord seeded both wars for his own ends. But only one thing is known for sure: the twin wars overspilled their borders and soon no one knew who was fighting who, or why.

No one present today is descended from the lines of Hytheronia and Pelegar. They were wiped from the world. It is only through messages left in their ruins that we know of the fate that befell them. One message left burned in stone may have been that island’s final message to all of us: “Hold your spells. Sheathe your swords.” This plea for peace is all that is left of two once-mighty nations.

So I ask you today: who among you is not at war, or has no neighbor at war? What compels you to fight? Is it the best interests of your people? Can you be sure your cause is just, and not the manipulation of some other power seeking its own ends? What message will you leave
for the future generations?

Hold your spells. Sheathe your swords, at least for a time. I offer my services to the rulers of any nation that desires peace. I will act as ambassador, as diplomat, as independent investigator to determine if your war is just and needed. I offer this free of charge. I do not seek riches, only peace.

Thank you for your time. May peace and prosperity find you all willing to receive them."

A pregnant pause follows. The Empress of Valdar gets to her feet and bows just enough to indicate respect while maintaining her status. She gives the traditional greeting that one gives a ruathar, and speaks.

’’Well met, Ruathar Luvanar of Odo-Cerith Emyn. My grandfather told me stories of your prowess and heroics when I was learning to walk. If you are willing, I will bespeak you further about the offer you have made."

She sits down, and Silmeara rises, bowing deeply to you after greeting you according to your station. “It is good to see that you have not lost your helpful nature, Ruathar Luvanar. As my people are not at war with anyone yet-” he glances to the frost giant, who looks impassively back at him, “I do not have need of your services, but I would enjoy speaking with you, if other, more pressing obligations do not prevent you from doing so.”

As Silmeara retruns to his seat, Duke Grinnash stands. He bows as well, a touch more deeply than the Empress did, and speaks. “Goodsir, I would greet you as the others did, but I would only make a hash of it. Surely you are aware of the troubles that plague my lands as well as those of my allies- first unjustly attacked by armies backed by divine as well as infernal power, and now this… uprising deep in the hearts of our lands. As soon as you are able to, I would ask you to come and speak with me about how we can help each other- you helping me rid Lotash of this newest threat, and I backing your camapign for peace to the best of my ability.”

King Kakerek of Hellzapoppin hops up on the table. “I’ve got a couple of roads that could use some new cobbles. You gonna help out with that?” As the crowd laughs, he does a handspring off the table and back into his seat.

You notice that each time another ruler finishes speaking, Just Lorgenlooks like he might want to say something, but is holding himself back. No one has anything else to say, and the meeting continues with a fat woman complaining about the taxes on beans in Teyrn and how it’s ruining her bean business.



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