Hall Pass

Anachronistic silliness ensues. Oh, and Bag of Holding tricks.

Manriki and Aria entered the meeting hall, and Manriki found himself on a beach. The only features were a tower just off the coast and a crenellated wall A small squadron of faeries were circling the tower, and they seemed to be expecting Manriki.

The faeries explained that they were under siege by the enemy commander and his minions as they waited for their own commander to arrive. The enemy commander, a powerful dragon named Darigaaz kept attacking, and the faeries had been holding him off, but they were not powerful enough to kill him, nor he them. But his minions kept running past them and attacking the lands beyond, which was also problematic.

Manriki offered his aid, and after some logistical Q&A, the enemy surged into view. Manriki cast a flurry of spells, including wall of swor- er, blade barrier and a well-placed giant size, wrestled the great dragon to a standstill while the faeries fought various minions, and the dragon withdrew.

A few moments later, nothing happened, and no new defenders arrived, but Manriki felt himself refreshed, as though he had rested for some time and had time to pray. Then the dragon came back, with a new horde of minions. Having learned from the past, Manriki sprang into action again, this time grabbing ahold of the dragon and letting the faeries cheerfully stab him to death while he was unable to defend his kidneys from their well-placed spearthrusts.

Aria, Dogar, and Manriki found themselves in a strange place. A white-tiled filled with strange equipment and soft white lights that buzzed almost irritatingly. Everything in the room was written in Halfling, even though the room’s sole occupant was human. The man looked up at the groups’ approach and demanded that they identify themselves. Aria got a little wise with him, which caused him to fly into a rage, his skin turning green and his muscle mass doubling rapidly. Manriki tried to conjure a wall of force, but the angry man doubled his fists and smashed through it. Dogar retreated before the thing, and Aria kept talking while sidestepping his blows.

Manriki spoke a holy word, and froze this Incredible Hulk in his tracks. The group didn’t know what to do, so after some math and rules lawyering they put him in a bag of holding, thinking to knock him out.

They underestimated the green monster’s constitution, for when they opened the bag, he was enraged and ready to smash. Aria dodged past his flailing, hog-sized fists and looked soulfully into his eyes. The Hulk relented, and the party was able to talk to Bruce Banner, and performed some first-level miracles that go by the name of create food and water This won him over, and Banner explained that they were in a facility in New Jersey. Dogar asked if that was near The Park at The Center, and Bruce said it was, sort of.

So some more bag of holding shenanigans ensued, and Bruce Banner snuck the party past several layers of armed guards and onto a bus. Aria couldn’t hold her breath and nearly died, but Manriki was there.

Finally, the party and Bruce arrived at a Motel 6. Bruce paid for a room, and Dogar gave Bruce a gold piece when he saw Bruce paying with a stack of paper. Bruce immediately hurried off to a place called “EZ Pawn,” and seemed in much better spirits.

He explained the nature of his curse, that there was something in his blood that caused him to turn into the monster that they had fought whenever he became angry. Manriki said he would pray for a miracle to lift this curse from him. Banner gratefully agreed, and everyone went to sleep, except Manriki.

The next day came, and Manriki called upon his miracle. Banner collapsed immediately, and began having a seizure. The party came to the conclusion that the curse actually resided in his blood, therefore driving it out of him must be having a physical effect on him…



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