A New Beginning.

A half-fey warrior and the apparent manifestation of an ascended feline walk into a bar...

(After some talk about the apparent deus ex machina that happened in Time Out, we decided to start over with new characters. Some other players joined/are joining/want to join the party, as well)

Through various ways that were personal to each of them, but all involved bits of golden sand, Orphan, Igtherez Montaka and Phaedra found themselves on the outskirts of Pias, Phaedra and Igtherez accompanied by strange cats, a silver tabby for Phaedra and a chunky dark grey-to-brown cat for the githerazai, and Orphan on her own.

Orphan seemed to take to this apparently familiar experience rapidly, and even though she was approached by a strange, orange-furred cat, didn’t lose a step, looking for the seedy part of town to have a few drinks and score some drugs. However, the “respectable establishment” that she had found herself in didn’t deal in such things, nor did the “gentleman” the barkeep referred her to, but he “might know a guy” that “might have something like what she was talking about.”

Igtherez and Phaedra were a little more leery of what was going on, and when their respective cats led them to a crossroads where they encountered each other, they decided that they might as well travel together, since they were clearly being led. Upon closer examination, their astute awarenesses caused them to realize that they were walking through something not entirely real, as if they were walking in a memory or some other construct. The two of them found themselves in a nice part of the city, and the cats ran off behind the house.

As for the house, it happened to be occupied by a man named Kayden, his wife, their two children, and their dog, who was busy barking at a winged cat in a tree. His sons came in and told him about the two strangers outside, and he went to see them. Conversation ensued, much of it confused speculation about these cats, since they seemed not to belong to anyone.

While this was happening, Orphan got ambushed by some peasants who thought to rob her of her pimp outfit, she gave the cat a saucer of black tar rum, and found some drugs on one of the guys who tried to rob her. Thus satisfied, she agreed to follow the cat to wherever it wanted her to go, which was Kayden’s house. She arrived partway through the conversation, insisting that her cat was the best, they all needed to “swim in the lake by the building,” and “not kill any halflings.”

The cats went inside, and the party followed.

Kayden told his wife to take the children into the back as the orange and gold cat that had brought Orphan told the group that “this wasn’t happening,” proving the half-fey girl correct (in her mind, anyway) that her cat was in fact, the best.

However, this simple statement led to much confusion. Added to that was the fact that the cats were somewhat evasive and not very forthcoming, as cats tend to be, and the party had few questions, instead choosing to ignore the one rule that the cats kept insisting on- not to use any names, because “names are important.”

The cats told the party that Time had been stolen from the world that they currently inhabited. Time acts as a protective barrier, keeping certain… “interested parties” from wreaking havoc on the world, as well as preventing certain “highly improbable events” from taking place. Since Time was running out, The world was at risk of both of these happening, and worse.

Orphan asked if Marcos would be okay while she went off and did this thing, and the bulky dark brown/grey cat that had guided Igtherez to this meeting assured her that he would protect him. Kayden asked if there would be new experiences, while Igtherez and Phaedra just seemed to go with the flow.

They had two options: They could go find the people who had stolen the time and get it from them, or they could stay on the world and accomplish Great Deeds for good or for evil, wich would by their greatness, create more Time. Whatever they chose to do, they would probably need a ship to get there, something faster than a Valdaran airship. There was a ship waiting in the Timestream for people who would never reach it, and there was a ship on the Orhall Islands.

Some other conversation, a little about the details of the goings-on ensued, and someone mentioned The Mists. The Cats reminded everyone (again) that “names are important,” then shortly afterwards, Orphan said she knew a guy who knew lots about the Mists, and she didn’t care, but she was going to use his name anyway.

His name was Masks.

The cats left abruptly, and Kayden guided everyone to the edge of town, where Phaedra realized she needed to find a map, she bought one, then the party decided to go to the Orhall Islands, and recover the “special ship” there.

So they teleported to the island, watched a beautiful sunset and Entered the Jungle after Igtherez got an aerial view, espying some burnt-out settlements off to the north. They were beset by some lycanthropes, which they dispatched, or otherwise incapacitated, save one that Orphan charmed, then Kayden dominated in the interests of getting the party to the ship faster. The were-rat told them that they couldn’t go to the Council of the Moon, as they could not change their skins. Orphan told him not to worry, and Kayden may have A Plan.

The party then started following the were-rat into the Jungle for several days.



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